The Aegis of Yggdrasil

Alexandria, part 1

Shenanigans. Shenanigans as far as the eye can see...

The giant mechanical metropolis led you all off in different directions.

Finn initially tried to lead some thievery with Bim, but his attempt at magical mischief ended with a failed spell. Presumably he is off drinking and brawling his gold away.

Bim set off to make contact with the local thieves brotherhood. His contact in the Rat Market set him up with a standard “prove yourself and you’re in” mission: plunder Lady Grantham’s ever expanding jewel collection without bringing the heat and you’ve got a meeting with Tick Tock, the head honcho of the Alexandrian thieves.

Sigrun and Guyver headed to Guyver’s workshop, a sprawling warehouse space full of inventions in various states of completion, some brilliant, some banal. Guyver schemed that he could get back in the good graces of the University and/or the Tinker’s Union using his good deed back in Kirkton. Then he’d finally be able to fix up the flux capacitor he found in the Imperium ruins (he needs a ultra-hydrospanner, and those ain’t small or cheap). He set about making a new invention from a spare holy symbol of Sigrun’s, and ended up making a secret spouting blimp, which cruises around the room spouting scraps of “secret” information (in the case of the workshop, technobabble).
Guyver and Sigrun head to the University to attempt to gain admittance to the library for some research, but the librarian rejects them; neither of them are members of the University and Guyver still has a black mark on him. Even talking to the Registrar and Dean got them nowhere. The only way to reverse the black mark would be to get a University Pardon document (and the Dean doesn’t see fit to give you one of those). But forgery may be an option.

Maelgyn wanted none of the crazy workshop sleepover, so he opted to sleep outside the city and head to the University to dig up clues as to what could have removed the faces from the Hunters in Kirkton. He ended up in the office of Prof. Slzzizsksn in Classics and Mythology. The professor couldn’t immediately recall anything about creatures that could steal someone’s face, but said a few religious texts might prove useful, so come back later that day. When Maelgyn returned, a poor poor grad student handed him a transcript of two separate texts which may prove helpful in finding the cause of the 3 dead Hunter’s condition.
Maelgyn’s further scouting of the city revealed that the King’s Mage (royal vizier and magical confidante position), Vannay, had been a recluse and impossible to find for nearly 2 years. Despite the light that shown every night in his tower, no one has seen him. Maelgyn’s flight past the tower in bird form revealed dust over every surface but with a trail of footprints suggesting someone lighting the lamp each night.

Daelwyn decided to check in at The Firelight, an inn/tavern for musicians and artists where performers could receive the critiques or praise of their peers. The barkeep and proprietor, Bergen, set him up with a time, but either due to travel or nerves, Daelwyn’s performance wasn’t stellar that night. He left the stage to polite applause, but didn’t “earn his pipes” (the equivalent of professional recognition at The Firelight).
The next day, he was turned out of his room early by housekeeping, storming out of the inn in a huff. Daelwyn decided it was time for some good old fashioned therapeutic grifting. He set up a table in Serpent Market and began parting fools and their coin, and after getting caught and chased off a few times, had made some nice coin. Wetting his whistle afterward, he made contact with a shifty individual who alerted him that there could be a lucrative opportunities with the city’s underbelly…if he did a job first for Tick Tock. The job was rigging a mechanical gladiator match at the city’s bot colliseum.

The party reconvened, and determined that A) come morning they would finally go to Alexandria’s Hunter’s Hall and convey their news, and B) getting in good with Tick Tock may be a way to get forged documents which would get Guyver into the University which may yield information about many things and also provide him access to equipment. So robot fight rigging remained on the menu. Some investigation at the Coliseum revealed that the match to rig was a free for all championship; all entrants welcome, last bot standing wins. The only two entrants and reigning champs were the Burning Beetle and the Crushinator, and with some sleight of hand Daelwyn discovered the location and engineer in charge of the Burning Beetle. Further subterfuge by Sigrun, Daelwyn, and Guyver got them into the workshop of the Burning Beetle, where Guyver strategically weakened the armor of the battle bot (with help from his secret-mining blimp).

Before bed that night, the party finally visited the Hunter’s Hall. Daelwyn had been by earlier and become well acquainted with the receptionist, Janine (heyooo). You showed her the old innkeeper’s ring, and with a gasp, she dashed into the office behind her, quickly beckoning for you to come in. Inside, you met Scylla, Chief Hunter of Alexandria; she seems old but strong, all steel gray and battlescarred. She questioned you thoroughly about what you had seen and how you got the ring, and then with a sigh, asked whether you wanted to save the world.

I think you said yes. Or something. It probably wasn’t that important anyway. I mean, if it was important I’m sure we’d get back to it.


Ah, well then.

The day of the robot fight came and 3 robots entered the arena. The Crushinator, with its hulking armor, mallets, and chest cannon in one corner. The Burning Beetle, with blazing red chassis, pincers and flamethrower. And Mr. Handy, an unnerving multi-legged lion-faced chariot with a cheerful disposition. A fierce battle ensued, as Mr. Handy (piloted by Guyver) attempted to take advantage of the Burning Beetle’s sabotage. Amidst flame and rubble, a clear shot to the weakened joint collapsed the Beetle’s armor. But Mr. Handy was badly damaged in the process, and Guyver, unwilling to throw in the towel, kept up the fight against the Crushinator, whose pilot, a man who looked suspiciously like Isaac Hayes, brutally slagged the poor bot.
But this succeeded in rigging the match just as Daelwyn planned (and delighting Finn, whose dislike of Mr. Handy was considerable). Daelwyn went to The Gearminder, a tavern in a less traveled part of town, and found a winding backroom path that eventually led him to a clocktower. There he met Tick Tock, the strange, top-hatted, begoggled master of the thieves of Alexandria. Payment and compliments on a job well done were had, and an open invitation to return should he need any work, or help (for a price). Daelwyn (and the uninvited Finn) returned by other paths, since the tunnels and passageways of Alexandria’s back alleys are myriad.



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