The Aegis of Yggdrasil

Kirkton Sewers

It's not the smell. It's the after taste...

Scylla briefed the adventurers on their mission: continue the investigation that the three faceless, dead hunters began, namely rescuing or retrieving a little girl from the Kirkton sewers.
You were directed to the airship docks of the royal palace, to be hurried on your way by none other than the Bernholdt II, the flagship of the Alexandrian Air Brigade, captained by the decidedly-not-standing-on-protocol princess Beatrix. After Finn finished pissing over the railing and Guyver finished pestering the ship’s chief engineer, you arrived in Kirkton.
Kirkton’s officious Seneschal was an asshole, but he did direct you to a guard captain who gave you the key to the sewers.

You descended into a maze of stinking tunnels, and found yourselves twisting, turning, and jumping down slick stone shoots into pools of “water”. Maelgyn’s tracking skills and Siggrun’s stone-speaking abilities soon put you on the trail of the sewer-folk. In the process you discovered a lost little sewer boy (whose name only Daelwyn knows, but for now, let’s guess that he is called Toby). Toby ran, but he was caught by Maelgyn in adorable kitty form. The party interrogated Toby, finding that his friends and family fled some unspeakable terror but were blocked by Stinky, an unpleasant denizen of the sewers. Also, Guyver’s robot and Maelgyn’s horse-cat competed for Toby’s affection. I don’t remember who won, but Guyver did give Toby a tinfoil “thought-protection hat”. So…draw?

Toby led the party to Stinky’s lair, a giant intersection of pipes where Stinky, an ogre whose smell managed to edge out the general funk of the sewer for dominance, reclined on a bed of filth over his pet boars. While Guyver attempted to parley, conflict proved inevitable. Magic and garbage missiles flew, but in the end, Finn’s sword went snicker-snack through Stinky’s genitals (ball slashing, our game’s most longrunning theme), and Stinky was fed to his own boars. Finn also picked up a smelly helmet from Stinky’s pile o’ crap, and a magic sword with the power to return when thrown (but the magic word to call the sword is unknown).

Some quick engineering estimates revealed that the chamber acted as a valve for various sewer “materials”. The party turned the valve, and from the ceiling poured a steady flow of rats, right into the boar pit (feeding time). After exiting, several hours of tracking the sewer people led to a hauntingly familiar whirlpool containing chamber, at the deep edge of the map of the sewer. There, a wall crumbled away to reveal a huge dark cavern. Finn threw a light-infused stone, revealing the cavern’s size…and also dozens of humanoid figures staring off into the darkness. A little girl’s cry for help forced the party to investigate further to see if it was Nessa, Toby’s friend (and likely the little girl at the center of your mission). Maelgyn, in owl form, surveyed the cavern, finding a little girl whose leg was impaled on a stalagmite. With some shenanigans involving robots, the party cleared the way to the little girl, only to find that she was an illusion.

A beautiful not-woman in priest garb strode out from behind the stones, introducing herself as the Lucari, Lanfear, once Tyria, a Seeker of the Church of the Final Atonement. Lanfear vamped, exulting in the seeping madness of the void that suffused the cavern, and gloated about devouring Nessa, one of the tzadikim nistarim.

As diplomacy broke down, Lanfear’s true form was revealed: a gigantic centipede that wrapped the party (and the now faceless sewer people) in a circle of carapace and claws. You all sprang into action in different ways. Finn leaped onto the centipede’s back from the cavern mouth above and began climbing toward the head. Bim ended up mostly beneath the bug, stabbing its less armored underside. Siggrun found her staff almost ineffective, but called divine protection down for others. Maelgyn was a bear…rawr. Daelwyn sang songs of courage and protection, while being mobbed by fans (the part of fans being played by maddened faceless sewer folk who desperately wanted to touch Daelwyn to death).

Guyver directed his mechanized helpers, until he was grasped in Lanfear’s pincers and looked deep into the ever changing face of the demon. His body fell to the ground, faceless and unconscious, while his spirit awoke in a ruined mansion holding a candle, painfully aware that he had no idea who or where he was and that the candle was his only hope of finding the truth of the place. Seeking answers from the darkness he began uncovering shadow creatures and memories that were not his, finally coming upon a dark moment from his past. Accepting it as his own, he regained his identity, and began being able to follow haunting organ music that filled the mansion. Along the way, he met another man searching for his identity. Guyver aided him in recovering who he was, and realized that this was Toby’s father. Together they found the source of the music, a giant organ that seemingly played itself. When Guyver and Toby followed the organ inscription instructions (playing the devil’s tritone), a floating stone shaped like a flame revealed itself behind them. Together they smashed the stone.

Meanwhile in more material planes, the party raged against Lanfear. Finn went on a face stabbing spree, Maelgyn mauled centipede legs, and Daelwyn continued singing. Lanfear, realizing that it was only a matter of time until the energies of the void healed her wounds, retreated to the ceiling of the cavern. But Finn and Bim held fast, and with some well placed stabbing, Bim sent the giant bug plummeting to the ground again. It was as the party continued stabbing that Lanfear exploded in a whirlwind of light and shadowy ectoplasm, leaving Guyver, Toby’s father, and a book of infinite usefulness behind. In the far corner of the cavern, a glamor dissipated to reveal the faceless corpse of a little girl.

After a heartfelt reunion between father and son, you picked up Nessa’s body, and began the climb back to Kirkton.



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