The Aegis of Yggdrasil

Tristram Denouement

Ain't no party like a Tristram party...

In the lower catacombs, you found that the villagers who had mindlessly chased you were restored to sanity. Ascending all the way up to the town’s small cathedral, you found many of the assembled townspeople trying to piece together what had happened. The Mayor, Vickram Holus, was eager to demonstrate his control of the situation and pin the blame for the town’s ordeal on you, but Samuel, the innkeeper, stood up and would have none of it (it helped that Nicolette barged in to provide a distracting villain too). As the crowd dispersed, you found the more substantial remains of a Digger’s Guild camp in the corner of the cathedral and with it the journal of Greta Flintback.

With the help of the heroes of the hour, the town threw a huge party in the central square between the cathedral and Samuel’s inn. Daelwyn was in rare form as entertainer-in-chief, while Siggrun retreated to her room for solitude and meditation after her recent brush with divinity. Nicolette approached several party members, trying to pry the secrets of what happened beneath Tristram. Guyver proved amenable, provided that Nicolette divulge secrets and initiate him into her order in turn.

Finn was enjoying the wonders of an open bar, when one of the “right kind of people” made his acquaintance. The nondescript fellow offered a laundry list of items that Finn and his party members might sell to the newly awakened black market of Tristram. When it became clear that the party had an airship, the nondescript fellow changed tacts, saying he had an important customer who needed passage out of town ASAP and could pay well upon reaching her destination.

Meanwhile, Maelgwn wanted nothing to do with the crush of people in the town square. As he slipped away, he noticed a late-middle-aged woman also departing the festivities. He followed her back to her house in cat form. She was apparently a doctor and apothecary. Maelgwn watched her treat a patient, read, and wistfully stare at portrait of a younger version of her and another man before slipping away to the woods to sleep.

The party wound down, Finn retired to his room with an attractive dwarf lady, while Daelwyn had a casual orgy with 8 of his closest groupies. Finn’s evening was interrupted when a cloaked woman knocked at his door inquiring about her passage out of town. He blearily got her a room next door and got back to his business.

The next morning, the party received an officious request to vacate the premises from Mayor Holus and a group of upright citizen-lackies. This received the response one might expect from a hungover fighter and post-orgy bard. Finn and Daelwyn then met Thessaly, the woman desiring passage out of town post-haste. Thessaly was a witch with a mission, and a mission she was a year and a half late on completing. You agreed to provide her with transportation, though no mention of payment has been made thus far.

Afterward, Guyver, Daelwyn, and Maelgwn approached the doctor, Leah. She treated Daelwyn’s hangover, and revealed that she does research on the treatment of magical maladies. When you mentioned you knew a werewolf, she got really excited and agreed to come with you back to Alexandria.

Your new passengers in tow, you departed Tristram (which is a much sunnier place than when you arrived). You headed east toward the first location that Thessaly specified as vital to her mission, which turns out to be something to do with placing markers/signs at key leyline points (all of which have shifted somewhat during the year and a half Tristram and its surroundings were cursed). In the down time, Guyver started upgrading the ship’s engine and defenses.

Daelwyn began examining Greta Flintback’s journal. It was heavily ciphered, in ways only a paranoid genius might write. Greta appeared to have been making notes on the connections between various Imperium ruins. She heavily suspected the existence of an entity like Nidhogg, but had not proven it yet. Her obsession has been determining the location of the Imperium’s fallen capital, Lemuria. Greta had narrowed down the location to somewhere past the Spine of the World mountains, in the Wastes beyond. She also had realized that nearly all the active Imperium facilities she had uncovered were diverting most of their arcane energies to another location. While her journal made no mention of the Lucari outright, she had gathered notes and records about mysterious Advisors who seemed to appear and influence the Imperium’s leaders heavily in the time leading up to the Calamity. Beyond that, Greta seemed to hold the curious belief that the Calamity was an ongoing event that had never really finished, and that the world was in great danger while its nature remained a mystery.

Finally, Daelwyn noticed that Greta had devoted a whole section of her journal to taking notes on the positions of the great roots of Yggdrasil found all over Midgard. She thought they correlated roughly with the locations of deposits of yggdrium and even hypothesized that leylines (although mobile) shifted in relation to the roots. Greta had even gathered a series of myths and legends predating the Imperium about the roots and Yggdrasil.

But all too soon Thessaly returned on her broom, looking harried and telling of harpies at the site she visited…



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