Bim Wimblebottom

Halfling Thief (Level 3)


Shifty Eyes, Hooded Head, Dark Clothes, Lithe Body
DEX 18
CON 13
WIS 15
CHA 12

Armor 1 HP 19/19
Alignment: Neutral
Bonds: I stole something from Guyver
Finn has my back when things go wrong
Five knows incriminating details about me
Clearly Maelgwn would be useful in a heist

Poisoner: Oil of Taglit

Advanced Moves:
Envenom (Use any poison as a touch poison, applying it to a weapon)
Cheap Shot (extra 1D6 damage on sneak attack)

Equipment: Leather Armor, Dungeon Rations (x5), Rapier, 2 throwing daggers, Adventuring Gear, 3 doses of Oil of Taglit, 10 coins


I grew up in a little farming village. Life there was pretty boring, so I made my fun where I could. Finn and I were close – we shared a love for trouble, though I enjoyed more the part that got us into trouble and he enjoyed the trouble itself. In any case, eventually we got tired of the same old thing. It didn’t help that most folks were onto us by that point.

So we left. Maybe on occasion I’d manage to unintentionally pick up somebody else’s belongings, or coins, or sometimes just some food. Finn was my backup – he was where I came when I got made, and he’d take on anybody. Everybody. Mostly just for the fun of it.

At some point, I managed to “acquire” a particularly nice sword for him, one that helps him pick fights. (Because he wasn’t already good enough at it.) We’ve been wandering, making a living, and enjoying ourselves for years now. Recently, we came by a town and met Five, who saw me taking a golden statue or two from the church – not that he seemed to realize there might be a problem with that – and lifted a nifty little gadget from Guyver. Unfortunately, that’s where things went downhill. When I’d gotten a little ways away, it made a loud bang, and I got a little startled and sort of dropped one of the statues, and… well… I got noticed. Oops.

Hey Finn! Trouble!

Bim Wimblebottom

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