Artificier, All sales Final.


Class artificier

Stats Str: 12 Dex: 15 Con: 13 Int 16 Wis 8 Cha 9

Starting moves

Gadget Belt:
Clockwork Propulsion Golem (weapon)
Range Far Special Piercing 2
Electrical Reversal Glove (weapon)
Glove Close Elemental Electric
Ectoplasmic Emitter Belt
Alternate movement (Etheral)
Magnetic Amplifier Hat +2 against mind magic

Field test (using gadget in a tight spot)

Jury Rig ( Repurpose a a device on the spot)

Let me see that (extra GM questions about an exiting item/thing)

Worldly. Made a construct friend. Mr Handy.
1 ferocity = burley
2 cunning= guard, attack monster.
1 armor
1 instinct frightening

Mr handy is an amazing construct. Able to help with negotiations, research, fight in a tight spot. Despite his bulkiness I insist he’s cuddly. Multi-legged with wheels he can go anywhere. With state of the art steam weapons and the ability to think on his own nothing can go wrong. With a semi humanoid face for comfort.

Alignment Lawful

Race Human

Character Synopsis

Hello do you need new shiny things. Have some need that isn’t being filled? I can fix that, with a handy dandy device. All sales final, no returns, caveat emptor. I was in the digger guild, and that means I have some credibility. The people that died on that expedition had nothing to do with anything I did wrong. I can’t predict a zepplin crash. Only one of my assistants has died while in my tutelage, trust me that is impressive, I swear. Now you might be wondering why I am trying to see you something from a stockade. Well don’t worry too much about that, I certainly wasn’t experiementing with it in any kind of blasphemous way. So make sure to go to Alexandia and visit my shop for all the amazing things you never knew you needed.

Syggrun is a feat assistant we have shared secrets. I can’t wait to find out more.



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