Wolf-man from the mountains


Level 4


STR: 16 (2)
DEX: 13 (1)
CON: 14 (1)
INT: 9 (0)
WIS: 16 (2)
CHA: 9 (0)

Damage: 1d6
Armor: 1
Max HP: 18


Alignment: Good
Race: Human
As your people learned to bind animals to field and farm, so too are you bound to them. You may always take the shape of any domesticated animal, in addition to your normal options.



  • Human Racial Ability You may take the shape of any domesticated animal.
  • Born of the soil: The Depths of the Earth You are attuned to the land. You may take the shape of any animal that lives in this land.
  • By Nature Sustained You don’t need to eat or drink.
  • Spirit Tongue You can understand the any animal native to your land or akin to one whose essence you have studied.
  • Shapeshifter You may take on the physical form of any species whose essence you have studied or who lives in your land. Roll +WIS.
  • Studied Essence When you spend time in contemplation of an animal spirit, you may add its species to those you can assume using shapeshifting.

Advanced (2-5)

  • Red of Tooth and Claw When you are in an appropriate animal form (something dangerous) increase your damage to d8.
  • Shed When you take damage while shapeshifted, you may choose to revert to your natural form to negate the damage.
  • Formcrafter Take +1 to strength rolls and -1 to wisdom rolls while shapeshifted.
  • Animal Companion (Ranger skill via Hunter’s Brother) A large golden eagle.

Winda (1 Armor)
Ferocious strengths: Quick Reflexes, Keen Strength
Cunning Strengths: Cunning
Weakness: Flighty


  • Ring of the Dryad Allows you to understand the trees and use the trees as portals within the forest.
  • Bag of Infinite Ferrets Exactly what it sounds like. It’s a bag full of ferrets.. and it never runs out.


Maelgwn looks like a mountaineer. Rugged, with unkempt hair and sun-weathered skin. It’s difficult to gauge his age. His eyes are the sharp yellow-gold of a wolf, wise and aware. He wears battered hide armor that looks like it’s been mended more than once under a hooded fur cloak, and carries a crude spear.

He is reserved, in the slightly creepy sort of way, and lacks the social graces of someone who grew up in town. He watches everything and listens closely, but spends much of his time shapeshifted to avoid actual conversation. He is intuitive, resourceful, and follows his instincts, but isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.


Maelgwn has come to town begrudgingly. He does not know what happened to his people, only that he left town to hunt and returned to find the isolated village burned to the ground, with no sign of its residents.

Despite his aloof demeanor, Maelgwn is a pack animal by nature, tired of trying to make it on his own and desperately missing his tribesmen. Making friends in town has proved to be difficult, and most of the townspeople he encounters shun him. His difficulty adapting came to a head when he was caught killing a local farmer’s sheep. To the farmer’s surprise, the wolf he shot turned into a man, whom he then handed over to the local authorities.


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