What kind of game is this?

Dungeon World seems built around the idea of fewer rules and more freedom to do cool shit. So there are no tables full of equipment and minimal lists of spells. For the most part, anything you can imagine and tell in the context of your character and the world can happen. The rules just exist as a means to express those objects and actions.

What kind of stories/adventures are we getting into?

That is up to you guys. At character creation we will have a discussion where we share ideas about what we’d like to do. I certainly have plots and world elements I’d like to introduce, but I don’t want this to be me telling you a story. That’s boring. I want it to be us telling the story to each other.

How does character creation work?

There are a bunch of character classes in the rulebook. Everyone chooses one, and there can be no duplicate classes in the group (i.e. we can have at most 1 and only 1 fighter). Aside from that restriction, go nuts. If you want your ranger to have an automail arm from FMA, do it (and there better be a fantastic story behind it). Wizard is a demon possessed abomination? Cool, I can’t wait to see how the local hierophant feels about it. Such things won’t necessarily change the crunch of the game, but I hope they’ll change the story and your actions in it.


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