The Aegis of Yggdrasil

Of wicked things and cracks in the world

Costco should really carry chaos ooze by the tub

You approached the black containment vault’s heavy metal door, the sounds of mayhem from the rest of the facility fading. The door was protected by 3 lines of yggdrium runes, and only the outermost glowed with power. Maelgwn tried to cross the line first only to be struck by overwhelming terror, blinding his senses and unnerving his mind, and his frightened bat-form was retrieved by Daelwyn. However, Maelgwn’s proximity did open the door to the black containment vault, a gigantic subterranean space floored by a sea of shifting rainbow chaos ooze. The central feature of the room was a dodecahedron hanging by massive chains over the ooze, with a walkway leading from the hallway to it. To either side small platforms hung on other chains above.

While they pondered how to proceed, the party was suddenly aware that Siggrun was standing behind them. She walked calmly to the edge of the runic line, extended her hand, and spoke words that resonated with hidden power but were impossible to understand. A blinding flash filled the black containment vault and the overwhelming terror was pushed back. A moment later, Guyver came barreling down the hallway, panting, his constructs at his heels.

Free to explore the black containment vault, you found the side platforms contained laboratory stations focusing on different experiments, all drawing power from whatever lay within the dodecahedron. One was focused on transmutation of matter and was covered in gold and platinum coins. The next was focused on capturing energy “stably” in arcane boxes. Another was covered in cages full of dead animals, both natural and heavily modified. A last contained pylon like devices.

As you explored, an otherworldly scream emanated from the dodecahedron. A door opened and a writhing mass of tentacles and black sludge crept forth. Guyver fired projectiles at it, but to minimal effect. Maelgwn and Finn hurled arcane boxes at it, blasting it around to the underside of the walkway. With some fancy flying (using the Hermes boots he found in the facility), Finn dove beneath the platform on which he was standing, drawing the black sludge’s attention as it shot out a tendril to reach for him. Flying low, the sludge missed him and plummeted into the chaos ooze, where it evaporated into nothing. In the process, Finn got a little too close to the excitable sea of rainbow ooze, which splashed up and coated his left leg, which promptly turned into broccoli, boot and all.

Above, the party approached the dodecahedron’s open door. Inside they saw a raised dais flanked by arcane tuning pillars maintaining what looked like a tear in reality. The whirlwind of sound and air filled the dodecahedron. Tentacles grew from the ceiling and walls, obscuring an array of technical equipment. Siggrun was grabbed by one of the writhing tentacles while tossing a piece of metal into the tear, only to see the parts of the scrap metal that touched the tear cleaved apart and disappear.

As you watched in horror, another black sludge began squeezing through the tear. Finn had had enough of this and, in an attempt to take the fight to the enemy, leaped into the tear. A pile of his clothes landed on the far side of the tear in the dodecahedron chamber.

Meanwhile, Daelwyn courageously lured the latest black sludge down and off the suspended walkway while flying a jetpack, causing it, too, to fall into the chaos ooze. On the way up he got clobbered in the face by the sludge however, requiring some rescuing by Guyver.

Maelgwn tried to experiment by throwing a cage with a dead “animal” through the tear. The cage was sheared by the tear and the animal corpse disappeared.

In a world without space or substance, Finn found himself naked and without any items but his magic sword and the strange power armor he had found in the Imperium facility. He quickly climbed into the now shimmering cloth-like power armor. Behind him, some kind of mutated possum emerged from the tear and began scuffling around the strange space (clearly confused about its reanimation).

But the darkness began to coalesce around Finn and the possum; there was clearly some force attempting to enter the tear and it wasn’t friendly. The possum began to make choking sounds as tendrils of darkness strangled it.

Back in the black containment vault, Siggrun and Maelgwn prepared to enter the rift by getting naked (spring break!). They leaped through to find Finn, a dead possum, and a gigantic alien sea urchin with one glowing eye-mouth preparing to do battle. Siggrun’s staff, previously an other-worldly black rod of metal, began to glow and shift in this non-space, while Maelgwn transformed into the very essence of a bull. The three began a strange battle of wills with the creature.

Meanwhile, Guyver began scheming how to use the tear to draw power, and how to close it. He charged a pylon from the floating laboratory platform and found that the blasts of energy that they could fire could melt through matter like the edges of the tear. Daelwyn decided to be helpful and accidentally fried the arcane tuning pillars making it impossible to close the tear by technological means. Seeing there was no further way to help in this world, he leaped through the tear. While he, too, found himself without most of his clothing and items in this place, his cloak of chains and flute of dischord both survived the trip, and Daelwyn’s will, already a thing of great strength within the world, blazed forth through his song and cowed the giant shadow creature momentarily.

As the beast recovered, it lunged for the tear, latching its claws onto the edges. Guyver was waiting, and blasted it back with the pylon. In its disorientation, the rest of the part leapt to action, tearing the spiky monster to pieces.

The party re-emerged into the black containment vault, reclaimed their possessions, and pondered what could come next. Guyver had an idea: from the consoles and documentation, it looked like the whole dodecahedron could be dropped into the chaos ooze as a last ditch method to contain the tear. The party cleared off to the hallway, and Guyver blasted the chains suspending the chamber with the pylon. The dodecahedron dropped, a horrible screeching sound filled the chamber, and the party ran.

Back in the central bore of the facility, the mayhem of automated arcane security and released experiments continued. You fled up the shaft, and a good thing too, since chaos ooze began bubbling forth from the black containment vault and started to slowly fill the lower levels of the shaft. Grabbing a few more aeronautical goodies, you fought your way out of the facility and back into the lower catacombs.



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